Nothing is easy.

the first day was fine.

most people were nice. some just were busy. that’s ok. it’s been a long time since I’ve had a first day. I don’t ever have to live that day again. Onwards and upwards.

today was supposed to be a great start with my brand new dishwasher being installed. turns out, it won’t fit because the yahoos that owned this house previously did a half assed tile job in the kitchen and the old dishwasher won’t come out. so. now. my shiny new dishwasher is back at Lowes, sitting with my name on it waiting for me to get 6 tiles removed.

i’ve called a guy. he’s coming over in an hour. an estimate and perhaps removal tools. we’ll see. it’d be really great if he could bust those out and charge me about 20 bucks to do it and the dishwasher would come back and get installed. that’d be really great.

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