Love Thursday

It’s been a crazy week…which I suppose should quit surprising me. It is, after all, MY life! But DAMN.

The dishwasher debacle did work itself out. I didn’t have any clients booked until the evening so I was home most of the day, which felt wonky. But this is how my life works now. It’s ok.

Today is the first really busy day I’m going to have, and I’m worried about having all the things I need. Worried about the right colors, bla bla bla. The thing that is still really buggin me is the receptionist/software they use to keep track of my clients. It’s just sub standard. It’s so different from what I’m used to. I picked this shop because they did have a receptionist who would book for me, so that I wouldn’t have to call or be interrupted in the middle of an appointment by clients calling…

It’ll work out. It’s just a lot to keep track of.

I’m looking into an iPad. Specifically to keep track of my clients, their information, color formulas, dates of services bla bla bla. Doing research now. Who knows what will happen with that but I need to get all this information streamlined now. I wish I had a programmer in my life!

Tonight though, I get to put all of this aside and go hang out with my PseudoSisters. We’re going to see Sugarland in concert. It’s an outdoor venue and it’s gonna be awesome! We’ve been looking forward to it for months and now it’s finally here! That makes me happy. And happy is what it’s all about!

Dear Mom and Dad please send money, I'm so broke that it ain't funny...

3 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. Ah, the weather is getting good for outdoor concerts.

    I don’t know what it is you’re looking for exactly software-wise, but you can check out Bento for iPad to see if that might be useful in some way. There’s a video on the page so you can see how it’s supposed to work.

    Good luck at work, and have fun at the concert!


  2. This isn’t helpful at all but I so want you to have a slideshow on your iPad of your clients and your work so that, while you’re not using it you can have it set up on your station just playing the slideshow that advertises you.


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