The Learning Curve of Boothrent.

maybe I should write that book.

everyone has asked me, “did you love it? how was the new place? the first week?”

no. no I did not love it. I didn’t really even like it. at all. every day was stressful. everyone is so into their own stress from working under the construction process that only about two or three even paid any attention to the fact that I was there. the sign got destroyed by the hail storm, and will be replaced soon, but this means I’m chasing my clients down the street. Figuring out how to do all of it is a little crazy. a LOT crazy.

but I survived the first week. and have a nice little deposit for tomorrow. and the next week will be better.

I’m in a funky mood. Not bad. Not great. Perhaps just tired. so I dont really have much to say other than thanks for the good thoughts and the support and the brunch and the lovin.

you make me better.

One thought on “Learning.

  1. You know me, I don’t know how anyone would love the first week of anything. Glad you got through it gracefully and I do know that this week will be better, if only because you’ve done it all for a week already.


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