Breathing Easier.

I went to bed late last night. Later than normal. I had the windows up on either side of my bed, and the rains came. Rolling thunder, cool breeze that required snuggling under the covers AND quilt. At one point I had Kikimama at the head of the bed in her spot and the two black men at my feet. If I ever get any more animals, I’m have to get a king size bed.

But it was nice. My mind was racing at all the chores and things I need to do today. So I read until it quit racing. Turns out it takes three quarters of a Nora Roberts book to quell the running list. I remember today that the banks are closed. I’m already going to Sams with Bonusmom. I have tomorrow morning to go to the supply house and get what I need for the week…I just needed to stop the voices long enough to hear the conductor.

Gert is throwing me a birthday party! I’m starting to get excited about it. I have no idea about any of it other than the date. Which is fine by me. It’s later in this month, so my actual birthday is still open. Deciding what to do…Now I’m deciding what to wear for my party! Yay!!! I do have a most excellent personal shopper that I can call on.

My boys in Talequah are doing better. I’ve had contact with both of them this week. Which, in turn, sets my heart at ease. There is still a gripping…a vice around my heart for them. with them. We are just connected that way…and once something has been opened it’s hard to close it. We have ebbed and flowed in and out of each other’s lives over the years…but this time I refuse to leave. So…anyways. They are getting back to some strange form of normalcy. Life does in fact, keep going. Strange as it seems.

Must have more coffee. Meeting Bonusmom today to shop for Fall Fest which is this Friday night! Yay!

Happy Monday, ya’ll. This week is going to kick last week in the hiney.

Kizz told me so.

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