begin again.

i’ve really just got too damn much on my mind. too much to think about to write here daily. work. bookwork. finances. trying to organized the house, which it’s needed organizing, but fitting another person into the equation has forced the hand and trying to get it done is making me nuts. I dont have much space it turns out. October is my busiest month socially, it always is…I’m not getting to do what I normally do because there’s just too much to do. the toilet is leaking. pretty severely leaking. but  I don’t have time to wait around for the plumber to get here.

Some things to look forward to. Fall Fest is this Friday night.  Family is coming in. But I dont have any time to do their hair this trip. and we’re having family pictures on Saturday. and I have nothing to wear so I have to go find something. Darci’s baby shower on Sunday. Gotta make the punch. Next week is the Halloween parade and my annual Smores & Whores party. SO the house has got to get organized and prepped before that. I have a bartending shift the day after that. My birthday party is the next weekend…Halloween weekend. It’s 80’s theme so I have to find something to wear for that.

honestly? if I could chunk it all and just go away? I’d do it.

but all this would still be here when I got back so I might as well deal with it now.

first step? Coffee. and a side of Grateful. That’s what I’ll have for breakfast.

after all, I already survived week one. it didn’t eat me…it tried but it didn’t.


4 thoughts on “begin again.

  1. Smores n Whores is the weekend of my birthday. That sounds more fun than the day I have planned….painting the new apartment.


  2. I would also like to officially thank you for getting this song stuck in my head…
    poor old misti finnigan begin again


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