I think today FINALLY cleared the funk from my brain.

The second week at the salon, and it got painted this weekend, cabinets were installed. Less chaos. Less. = Happy Misti Ridiculous.

I got a lot accomplished with the house. I need to clean the carpets, deep clean the carpets,  and then perhaps I can rest a bit. or at least my mind will ease up.

I’m really getting excited about the upcoming social events…just kind of let go of the crazy and started to wrap my head around everything.

one of my regular clients found me today…which just shows how great my former salon and the employees are for telling her. that was a nice thing to end the day on.

I’ve given myself a hungry headache. Going to defrost some Santa Fe Soup and make some jalapeno cornbread for dinner…do a little laundry perhaps and settle in for some paperwork and tv watching.

but I just wanted you to know…I feel better. I do. I think that Rance dying, and seeing Boyd again would have buckled me without anything else happening. But add the quit smoking and the working on healthy living and getting a roommate and quitting a salon and starting a new one AND turning 40?

it really is a wonder…

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