Oh Happy Day

It’s those magical few weeks of the year when my best friend and I are the same age…Gert turns 39 today! Happy Birthday! We’ve said it over and over but it’s the longest, most successful relationship of our lives. I am humbled by her grace every day and think how LUCKY I am to have had a co-pilot, co-conspirator, a witness to my life…

Oh so mighty, Oh so fine...
back when it was ok to wear horizontal stripes and plaids around our hineys.
it was all for one, and one for all
We Three...are still.

We dined at the new fabulous place in OKC called LUDIVINE last night. Our friend from high school is one of the owners and man oh man are they doing things right down there. It was an amazing meal. Amazing service. Down to the glassware, which just knocked my socks off. If you’re local? GO. If you’re coming to visit? GO.

also? Go over and send some birthday lovin‘ to our girl. It is, after all, her day!

Huzzuah and Halakaleem! Happy Friday!

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