I’ve been going since Thursday of last week…had an amazing dinner with Gert and Joe at Ludivine. AMAZING.

Friday was Fall Fest and the fam was in from Arkansas…lovely sitting by the campfire surrounded by friends and just enjoying the night.

Saturday was a FULL day that also included turning a clients ends pink then having to correct said color and still get out in time to head back to the Frontier for family pictures. Thank the LORD my mom and sis shopped for me because I had nothing to wear in the color scheme. The photos are going to be stunning. I’ll post when I can. After pictures, we took everyone to eat dinner then swimming at mom’s hotel. I had Karly, Delbert’s kiddo. Then my niece Ashlyn was with us, as we were filing out into the hall to head to the pool my sis said, “I feel like Michelle Dugger”


Sunday was as follows: get up and get ready…really ready not normal Sunday “ready” then take shop vac to my new salon because they’re deep cleaning. Drive to El Reno to get cupcakes from Gert’s house. Back to the city and stop and buy a few products to use as baby shower game prizes since I forgot to go to the supply house when it was open during the week. drive another 3o minutes to Darci’s house and help host Baby A’s shower. Finish up shower then drive back to OKC and head to the salon. Stay and help deep clean for about 3 hours. Meet MGirl and watch some of the Colts game then peace out early due to exhaustion.

Today I went to a color class on the color line that my salon uses. It’s not what I know, so I’m starting from scratch. Brain tired. Make weekly deposit in bank, then home to work on laundry and other household chores…instead I laid down for a teensy tiny little nap and then FLOP. three hours later, I’m up! Mandrea and I headed to a going away dinner for another girl …now…

NOW I’m home. Mandrea and WayneBryan are here. WB brought wine. This is why I love having a roommate.

My entire month of October looks like this. I don’t know how often I’m going to be here. I know..I do it to myself. This is the way I live. I love it. I’m ok with it. I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I feel comfortable about my work. I’m excited for my new week. I’m working on getting organized and financial software bla bla bla. Bits and Pieces. it’s coming together.

That’s it for me kiddos. I’m going to make sure I have something clean to wear then I’ma peace out. Hope your week is fun and happy.

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