If It’s Tuesday and You’re Happy…Make A List!


does it seem like the last 6 weeks or so have been rough over here at Brokedown Palace?

It does to me. and I haven’t gone back and read through the posts…but I just offer up an apology now. Why you come here and read, those of you that do…I don’t know. Maybe it’s to just stay in touch with my life. Maybe it’s for the occasional wit that drips forth. Maybe it’s totally by accident and you thought Misti Ridiculous was a porn star…wow. SOOOO sorry bout your luck there. But for whatever reason, or rhyme you came to be here…I know for a fact that the last few weeks have been juuuuuuuust  slightly less fun than a trip to Auschwitz.


Happy pants are on. Hormones are in check. (even though the moon is full, the crazy is at half a glass) Life it seems…has air that is easier to breathe. That makes me happy. Other things have been making me happy as well. Wanna list them? Okiedokie!

1.) Ludivine. The new restaurant that my high school friend is a partner in. Seriously. it is all I’ve been thinking about!

2.) my new salon. I worked and sweated and toiled at that place on Sunday, cleaning, moving, cleaning, moving. one of my managers said, “thank you so much for being here and working. you are so cool for doing this.” and immediately my response was…”i live here now. this is MY salon. so this is what we do.” and that was different. and it felt ok.

3.) my roommate. she makes me laugh every day. she understands that this house has only held me and my crazy. and that there is plenty of room for her and hers. and that someday soon…we WILL see the top of the dining room table.

4.) facebook. I sleep with my phone. it is my alarm so it lays in the bed with me, facedown. On the occasional night that I can’t sleep, I roll over and look at my facebook from my phone. This morning, early, when the rains came and cooled everything off…I realized why I love Facebook so much. I’ve always ALWAYS wanted just one big house. Or commune. where everyone I loved could live. and I would have immediate access to all of them whenever I needed or wanted. Facebook is that house. and I unabashedly love it.

5.) My family. By no means are they #5…at all. But I’ve actually got to spend some quality time with them over the past few months and it just makes me all the more grateful to have them. I hate with my whole heart the miles that separate us. But I hate with my whole heart the miles that separate ALL of us. (see #4) it’s just been really lovely to have facetime. I’m going to Arkansas for Thanksgiving this year. I’ll get to cook. and Blitz with my sis! seriously twisted stuff that I’m soooo excited for!

6.) Fire. I’ve sat in front of a fire twice these past few weeks. This weekend, we shall do it again in my back yard. There’s something just delicious about being bundled up and huddled up by a roaring fire. Double extra credit mental health points if you’re surrounded by friends and a smore.

7.) Bruce Springsteen. Did anyone watch the HBO documentary? I have to say, I’ve always always always harbored a crush on this man. I think it was even before Courtney Cox got plucked from the crowd to dance with him…but maybe that was it. We all wanted to be her. anyways…I’ve been downloading his music lately and I have to say…it just makes me happy. . . “tramps like us baby we were born to run”

8.) empathy. I think I have the gift of empathy. I do. there are so many people around me that are hurting and in pain these days. clients. friends. and I feel it so strongly when they are in my chair, or in my company. I know it’s part of my job to listen and to console and sometimes to even counsel. There are days that it wipes me out. drained dry. But I wouldn’t trade this for the world. perhaps it’s what I was put here to do. my own mission work. today a client left my chair feeling better about facing her father in laws funeral…and that makes me happy.

9.) new friends. I’ve made a few at work. there are a few that seem to be walking around me…hedging their bets…and that’s fine. the more I know, the more I think maybe that’s REALLY fine. but there are a few that make me laugh. engage in banter. help when needed. WHEW!

10.) these crazy ass cats that are all curled up in my bed. the wind has shifted. the moon is full. and it looks like a sale at Koslow’s in my room. yeah, that makes me happy too.

2 thoughts on “If It’s Tuesday and You’re Happy…Make A List!

  1. So glad you’re altogether happier!
    Have you seen the NJ Governor running for office? He’s crazy Tea Party and a smooth talker and he karaokes Bruce. He is silly funny.
    Joe loves him some Bruce too. Has every album.
    I might send Noodle and Josie to you for Saturday… the parade. I have to work. Boo! But good… money!
    Home. Family. Food. Happiness.
    LOVE you chick!


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