Partied Like It Was 1989

Oh. Mygod.
amazing weekend. just amazing. seriously. the fun that was had by EVERYONE in attendance…off the charts.
I myself am exhausted. I slept for 13 hours last night. Took a 2 hour nap today. I’m fighting a sore throat and chills. I know where that comes from…just run down and exhausted. I’m going to go get some soup and stay in tonight even though I was supposed to watch the Colts play at the bar…just not a good idea. I have 10 days till I leave for NYC and am NOT going to spend it sickly.

It’s November. NOVEMBER!!! It feels like November outside too. We had a cool front move in…I’ve been sleeping with my windows open and ceiling fan going till about 3am last night. I woke up with a horrible sore throat and sneezing and coughing. Gross. Shut everything down, took some meds. I changed sheets and set up the Grownup TV today and that was it. The rest of the day was spent…resting. Seriously, I crave more. CRAVE it. It’s bound to happen. For once, I’m going to listen to my body and obey.

November means NaBloPoMo as well! I started doing this because of Kizz. I do a lot of things because of her but that’s another post. We’ve got one a day this month! Join me, won’t you? And head on over to our best good friend Chris a.k.a. Numskullery and wish him well. He’s doing NaNoWriMo…an entire NOVEL!!! The Jens are writing this month as well! WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!

My good friend Julie is hopped up on getting me to write a play. She’s a good motivator! We’ll see where it winds up.

For now, I leave you with a few pictures I’ve stolen from other people. I’ll get to post mine later…it was a great party. I send humble multiple thanks to each and every one of you…it was the time of my life.

Do you see the Criminal and the Basket Case?

Aqua Net stock went up this weekend.
I miss Big Hair.
The shoulder pads on that jacket were bigger than the baby in that belly!

and just for a few giggles…

Nary a line nor a wrinkle...
So Much Better With Age!

6 thoughts on “Partied Like It Was 1989

  1. That picture of you and Gert as youths could not be more adorable. Looks like it was a great party. Sorry to have missed it!


  2. In honor of NaBloPoMo, I would like for you, Misti Pryor, help me start one of these. (because this is what you are good at) Afterall, I’m starting a new adventure, and it should be properly documented. (and i think i will have some time on my hands) I think we should call it “Postcards from the edge of Wyoming”. what do you think?


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