Sickly But Taking a Stand!

Welp. I decided to wave the white flag. I woke up last night all sweaty and sneezy and coughy…went to bed at 9:30 again and slept thru till 9am. I only had two appointments today, and so I moved them to later in the week. I refuse to feel guilty for that. When I called in to the salon, our receptionist informed me that my co-worker that I work close to has strep. Had it all last week. SO…I pried myself from the couch and put my body in the shower. Scrubbed. Hair. Skin. Felt better. Took myself to the quickmed place where I paid 77 dollars for them to tell me “it’s not strep. But if it turns into strep here’s this perscription for an antibiotic. You need sleep and fluids. ”

mmmmkay. better safe than sorry. I’ve got two events this week and oh yeah A TRIP NEXT WEEK!!!

I Love These Stickers

I went to my polling place. Got my sticker. and I’m a little sad that no one will see it today…it’s on my bulletin board with the rest of them. I was number 165 at my place. Its lovely weather here, so I hope that people get out to vote. We’ve got some pretty polarizing State Questions on our ballot this year, along with our Woman vs Woman governor’s race…(that’s sarcastic right there. it’s so much more than having a vagina.) Anywhooo…did you vote? GO DO IT. No excuses. Girls…it was a mere handfull of years ago that we DIDN’T HAVE THE RIGHT!!!


I’ve got some chicken noodle soup on the stove with big chunks of veggies and those yummy Amish noodles. That should heal, eh? Pretty sure my afternoon is going to be spent on this couch, in front of this AMAZING tv and watching whatever I want. and sleeping. and sipping hot apple cider.

hope you’re well. now, go vote.

One thought on “Sickly But Taking a Stand!

  1. I’m not sure why, but your posts always make me sing…today…
    “button up your overcoat…”
    Take good care of yourself. For reals.


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