I got stuff done yesterday…I’m over halfway packed. Lot’s of last minute bits, i.e. getting ready stuff, doing hair stuff, that will be put in last minute. I bought myself a few things for my birthday. One of these:

yes it’s pricey, but I haven’t had a winter coat/jacket other than my jean jacket in I dont know how long. I’m so excited. Everyone that I know that has one SWEARS by it’s warmth, and how lightweight it is.

I also got a new pair of Toms. Basic black, but I’m good with that. I love them. My other two pair are worn smooth out from working in them.

So, that should just about be all I need. I’m so ready to get outta here it’s not even funny. I think today and tomorrow should be good ones at work and that’s always fun. I was emailing with the girls yesterday and they have worked hard to make sure there’s fun and rest and lots of facetime planned for us. Yay!!!

My life has been at a breakneck speed as of late. We all know I live that way. It’s not and never has been a surprise. I feel like I’m doing better this year at resting when I need it…I think I am anyways. I didn’t leave the house on Sunday. And yesterday, only for about 2 hours to shop a little. However, I have felt like I was on the precipice of being really sick. The whole Facebook news feed is about how everyone has the ick and feels like they’ve been run over by a truck and there’s hot toddie recipes flying around. I’ve warded it off for the most part, even went to the doc and stayed home last week as I’d been exposed to Strep. So anyways…this week I still had the sore throat. Left side this time. And just kind of still felt sideways. Dion, our Chicago Mafia Princess, turned me on to a new magic potion. He’s sick too, but I saw on his FB page that he was espousing the virtues of this:

Magical Ground Up Gopher Juice

It looks like old motor oil. Or bong water. Or sludge. It tastes like twelve miles of ground up gopher ass.

BUT…I’ve had 3 doses and I can’t even tell you how much NOT SICK I feel. I got it at our local health food store, and it was about 20.00 for a big ole bottle. It’s all natural. The long hair hippy at the store commented, “dude. that stuff is potent”

Dion swears by it. Our other Chicago friend, Amy got sick during a show and this kicked it in about two days. She swears by it. SO. I’m on the bandwagon beating that drum. We are all too busy to be sick. Too much to do. Too much life to live. Yes it’s nice to have a sick day every now and again, but if we’re not sick, we can just CALL them that! With cold and flu season upon us…an ounce of prevention and all that. so. I’ll keep you posted but I already feel better than I have in weeks.

Have a fabulous Tuesday, ya’ll. I’m off to get some more coffee, to contemplate what to wear today and to figure out if I have time to get a pedicure. Someone has GOT to work on this horrible pinky toe of mine.

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