Tuesday’s child is full of grace.

I was born on a Tuesday.

Full Moon.

12:12 pm

40 years ago today.

And like all of my birthday mornings, I awoke full of excitement and joy!

I’m sliding into this next decade with as much gusto and glee and hopefully…grace…as I can manage. Last night I had a birthday celebration dinner with three of my favorite people at Ludivine last night. My friend Tracey had a bottle of champagne waiting at the table for us and was so generous and comped all of the deserts! (we ordered all of them)  and we laughed and laughed and laughed. Beautiful.

Today I have a great day with clients, (a big opening this afternoon when I am going to finish errands and packing!) and then a small happy hour tonight after work! Tomorrow I’m NYC bound and we’re just gonna celebrate each second.

I want you all to know…that I know…that I have more love in my life than most marriages see in multiple lifetimes. I do not take that for granted. I am surrounded and uplifted and yes…completed by all of you and what you give my life.

Holy shit. I’m 40.

This Is The Decade Where It Happens!

6 thoughts on “Grace.

  1. I don’t know what “it” is but, given what’s happened in all your other decades I’m sure that “it” will happen!

    Love you, birthday girl!


  2. You are so freakin fabulous I have no words!! It is truly a blessing to have you in my life…blessed, blessed, blessed!! AND it’s great to celebrate you on a regular basis!! Hope you are hooping it up in the NYC! LOVE YOU!


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