Back To Normal*

*whatever Normal is…

Had the best long weekend ever in NYC. My friends Chrome and Kizz made the best plans that included surprise karaoke, massages, a Broadway show…it included brunches and new friends and cannoli from two of the best places in the city, green markets, dog walks and dog walkers at the beautiful fall colored park, naps, cheese, olive bread, cider, great coffee, lotta stairs, but more than that, lotta love. I got weepy during the show the final night. In my usual “I’m so full of happy that I need to make room for more” kind of way. I was really weepy on the car ride to the airport, but the driver was doing a great Paula Abdul serenade so that made me smile. I arrived home to a BRAND NEW BATHROOM!

grownup and pretty
no words necessary

For my present, Mandrea painted another coat on the walls, put things in frames, added candles and a new shower curtain…it’s a grown up bathroom and it looks amazing. I went in there every five minutes last night to look at it. It’s so beautiful!

I got unpacked pretty much off the bat, and decided that because it was colder here than it was in NYC the whole week, and the rain was coming down…I needed soup. I opened the freezer and the pantry and then went to the store for a few things. Made a huge pot of veggie/sweet potato stew. So the house was warm, the soup was bubbling, the cats…OH lord the cats! They were two in the bed and Stormy in my lap most of the evening. Cuddly and missing me I suppose!

I fell asleep catching up on my tv, then woke up about 5. Ate some supper and talked to Mandrea a little then settled back into the bed for more rest. I woke up during Rules of Engagement, and again during Mike and Molly, so I just called it. Time of death for Monday: 8:30pm. I slept all the night through.

Back to the routine today. Must hit the bank, pay some bills, bang some hair. The norm. Chill tonight and tomorrow then hitting the local production of Hedwig with Trisha on Thursday, Darci’s birthday celebration on Friday, and Delbert’s divorce party on Saturday! Life is good and we must celebrate all of it!

Speaking of, I’d like to send a big fat shout out to my Pseudo Sis 1. She started her new job yesterday. It’s been a long and winding road full of doubt and despair and some really tough lessons to be learned along the way, but she made it. She made it with flying colors and stuck the landing with grace and generosity to spare. There were some dark moments along this path, and even when she thought she had nothing else to give, nothing else to move her forward, she dug deeper and took another step. I’m so proud of her and cannot WAIT to celebrate this new chapter in her life!!!

What are you celebrating this week? there need not be a candle or cake (though cake is gooooood) to celebrate…you don’t have to fly anywhere, or turn a year older…think about it. Let me know. We need a little more celebration in our life!

8 thoughts on “Back To Normal*

  1. You are the BEST!! On many occasions you all of your power and wisdom is what continued to nudge, oh let’s just be honest, shove me forward!! I cannot express to you how grateful I am to have you smack dab in the middle of my inter circle!! Love you and your fabulous self!!


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