i have a crush on dax shephard.

parenthood is such a good show.

cheese grater anyone?
super cute

I’ve just finished watching last night’s ep of Parenthood. Are you watching this show? One need not be a parent to enjoy it. I love our Gilmore Girl, Lauren Graham. She’s just so good.

I want to be her.

and the fact that she’s got this guy to work with…

just so cute

and by “work with” I mean “DATE in real life”

Best Couple

I like it a lot.

Happy Humpday ya’ll. I’ve got an early morning “meeting” which is going to be one big bitchfest for all the Clubkids at the salon. But we need to all get on the same page and move forward. We’ve got negativity and the only thing these people know about TEAM is that the letters spelling ME are in the word. So. Hopefully, forward movement.

I’m up, showered, breakfasted and plying myself with some fabulous Kizz Coffee. It’s actually this…Brooklyn’s Gorilla Coffee. And it’s my favorite.

Let’s make this a good one…remember Thoughts Become Things. What are you thinking about today?

4 thoughts on “crush

  1. Dude, SUCH a crush on Dax, have had since this Parenthood thing started. I’ve got 2 eps backlogged so I can even have a minimarathon of him. That Kristen Bell is a lucky lady.


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