Delbert is finally a Free Woman and we celebrated like rockstars last night. I’ve known this girl for years and years, since the 9th grade. I’ve loved her for all these years. Her laugh and her spirit are a bubbly as a glass of fine champagne…and yes…after a bit of time in her presence one feels a little giddy. I’m so proud of the woman she has become, and thankful that she has allowed me to remain a part of her and her girls’ lives.

I’m thankful, so so so thankful for her to be able to start a new chapter in her life. I look forward with great anticipation to what it will be.

Today we celebrated our dear Ryan’s birth. We went to the gay bar for Gospel Brunch. Drag queens. Choir robes. Mimosas. I laughed all of my eye makeup off. Spend the rest of the day with PseudoSis 1 and getting some serious quality time in. I got a tiny bit of facetime with Mgirl and Demetri then home to allegedly do some laundry.

i’m writing this from the bed. no laundry other than the dirty that’s over there in the bin. Tomorrow.

Meeting Bonusmom at the Barns & Noble to buy my birthday present! Nook! Halla! So excited. I have to hit the bank, the supply house, then work to bang out one client before she leaves tomorrow. I’m pretty busy which is reassuring. I’ve GOT to get bills paid and figure out what’s left over for early Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

but now…at 9:12 pm?

methinks I’m to the bed.

Here’s to freedom. And friends. And a week that ends with one big ass sale!

One thought on “Freedom.

  1. She looked fabulous and so did you my dear.
    Even though I didn’t get to participate… I enjoyed watching the circles close.
    Amazing group of people we have in our lives. We all need to get together soon.


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