Ten Things Tuesday: Thankful

Everyone over on Facebook has been using their status updates to say what they’re thankful for. I would have liked to have joined that bandwagon, but somehow…I have not. I have been very cognizant of my blessings, however and still so remiss about posting them there or here.

So maybe I’ll give you 10 of them today, whaddya say? In no particular order of importance…

1. My Home. — I know Ive dubbed her Brokedown Palace, but really she’s been quite good to me. She holds me and Mandrea and the cats just fine. Warm. Cool. Away from the elements. Cozy. Comfortable. Inviting. She’s all of these things, and every month when I pay the mortgage, I say a little prayer of thanks.

2. My Family. — I’m heading to Arkansas this week to spend a brief bit of time with Mom and Bonusdad, and some quality time with the Wonderboys and their parents. I’ve never gone to Arkansas for this holiday and the fact that I will get to Black Friday shop with my sisser, makes me more excited than a kid on Christmas. We all have our quirks and our bits of crazy…but they’re ours and we have each other and that’s something.

3. My Bonusmom. –She’s included in the Family part but I wanted her to have her own number. I said to her today, “I’m sad for everyone in the world that doesn’t have a Bonusmom like you.” and seriously. I mean that. It had nothing to do with the fact that she’d just bought me a new toy for my birthday. She and I have a fabulous relationship that I honor and treasure. It’s grown over these years into something that I am extremely thankful for.

4. My new TOYS! –I got my ColorNook today. It’s freakin awesome. I’m so excited to delve into it and start reading! I’ve got so many books to read right now that I just want cave time and perhaps some cold weather to sock me in. Trouble is, between my ShinyShiny computer which I still love, and my new GrownUp TV…ohhhhhh all of these wonderful toys! I know you’re not supposed to covet things? pish posh. I do.

5. My Friends. Old and New. — I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have more love in my life than most marriages see in two lifetimes. I’m not oblivious. I do not take it lightly or for granted. I am humbled by your presence in my life and your ability to find things in ME that brings you into my life, and makes you stay.

6. The Holidays. — Last  year was horrible. Perhaps I could have used meds. Who knows. Money was tight. Work was slow. I was coming off of a break up. Delving into all of the end of year relfection…it was bad. This year, I choose to be different. I choose to be happy and engaged and joyful. I choose to be aware of my blessings and to fight against the darkness should it creep up. Sometimes we just get underneath it and can’t rise. I know. It’s hard. But this year, I’m going to approach every day as a party with something to celebrate…because really? why not?

7. Good Health. — I’m so grateful and thankful that I’m healthy.  That you’re healthy. I’ve got a few members of the tribe that are fighting…and I know they’ll win. We’re all so lucky. I was watching the Today show yesterday and Matt Lauer spent some time at St. Judes. Tears. We’re all so lucky. We need to do everything we can to ADD minutes to this ride, not subtract.

8. Laughter.–I laughed all my eye makeup off Sunday at Gay Gospel Brunch. I laughed tonight at the stupid jokes our Shogun Chef was making, and then really got tickled rehashing The Hangover. Man oh man…when God invented laughter? THAT was the best day.

9. Pets–Since the weather has started to change, they have ALL been eating like Mary Kate at rehab. They’ve been snuggly and cuddly and Lil ole Black Sambo is so much with the love that he just drooled on my Nook. Sheesh. I was around Eddie last week and just fell in love with that little spaz-a-matic. One of the guys at work has a teensy baby puppy and brought her up today. Mmmmmmm…I’m thankful for the joy they bring into our lives.

10. Technology. I freakin love technology. I love the internet. I love my phone.  I love the blogs. I love the Nook. I love the Facebook. Not because I’m especially brilliant about working it, or figuring things out. But because it brings me closer to you. You all live in my phone. On my shiny shiny computer. You’re right here with me in my living room…and since I have yet to build our commune, or find a house big enough to hold us all…this is the next best thing. I unabashedly love it.

And one to grow on…

11. You. I love you.

12. and George Clooney.
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4 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday: Thankful

  1. I love you too! This was a great post! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and for making me laugh! Oh, how you make me laugh! I agree with you. Laughter. THAT was the best day. Hugs!!!


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