The last few days of my weeks have kicked my buttocks. A good kind of kicking. But a kicking nonetheless. There were some social activites, we celebrated MGirl’s advent into her 30’s on Saturday night. There were tons of people out, and it was kind of crazy so I didn’t get much time with her but she looked beautiful and had a fabulous time. So that was a success. The rest of the weekend was spent, literally, in the bed or on the couch.

I’ve napped. I’ve eaten delivered food. I’ve napped. I’ve done minimum amounts of laundry. Today, I did get my first supply of groceries since before my birthday. I have a roast and veggies in the crockpot. A loaf of sourdough bread that is freshly baked and another loaf in the machine. My Roku remote is back in the house and I’ve been gorging on free tv and movies. I wrapped a bunch of my presents and put them under the tree…today was a good day.

I need to pay some bills tonight. I have some business stuff to take care of. but mostly? I’m going to spend some quality alone time and think about the things I”m grateful for.

LIfe moves at such a breakneck speed…especially these next few weeks…I want to just take the moments that I can and just rest.

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