I was gonna talk about this: Settling vs. Wisdom- Instead I talk about GLEE.

Had dinner with a friend last night, delicious chicken curry, some fabulous cheeses, a nice wine…it was soul filling. She’s had an amazing year of change, most of it coming in the last few months. I get it. We have had some good talks, and I know that sometimes, that’s just what one needs. Just to talk it out.

Anyways, I was going to go into some other stuff here and seem to be blocked. Or my ADD has kicked in. Or really I’d rather not think about it and just watch this Christmas ep of Glee. (i love this tv, by the way) Bottom line, she and I are going to start writing a play. We’ve got a pretty solid idea for a script and hashed out some stuff last night. Sounds fun…we’ll see.

I’m also contemplating auditioning for an upcoming show called Skin Deep…the semantics and scheduling could be an issue, but I’m going to try so hard to do so!

work is good this week. I’m still worried about money, and how Im managing it. I’m caught up on all bills though, so we’ll just move forward and hope that it all comes together when I find an accountant next month to deal with all this stuff. GAH.

I think though, that after I get that part settled…it’s onwards and upwards!!!

are you having a good season?

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