Unabashedly Copycatting

I was at Julie’s fabulously perfect little duplex this week and in her bathroom I found the thing I want so much. It’s grand enough that we all can love it. I totally give her props for claiming it as her mantra…but like with so many things in my life I am unabashedly copying from my friends.

I want this.

i covet.

seriously badly. I can totally see it hanging in my bedroom. It’s quite perfect, isn’t it? It was part of a poster campaign that the British did during WWII. This was the one they put out when things were the most dire…the other posters are just as cool.

I have finished all but TWO bits of Christmas shopping and wrapping. I am waiting on a gift to be delivered via mail and one that I’m still mentally figuring out. It feels good to be finished. I’m excited to give this year. I’m excited to be happy this year.

also? i’m on money spending lockdown. I’ve decided to enjoy my newly bought groceries for EVERY MEAL. No more going out, just hanging at houses this weekend and spending time with friends. Time to get serious about saving this Christmas dough.

that’s it for me. I’m boring. plus there’s a Julia Roberts bio on the Biography channel.

8 thoughts on “Unabashedly Copycatting

  1. Argh. For a long time, I’ve wanted to redo your blog in a pink (kind of like your old one because it went well with that very sign…except in pink) because whenever I see it, I think of you.


  2. In my head you’ve always personified that sign. To me, you’ve owned it for a long time, and now I find out you’re just now discovering it?! I’m getting my list together for next year, and a pink blog for you is on it.


  3. There are some amusing adaptations to the poster. One says, Keep Calm and Have Some Pie; the other was my personal favorite…it’s black and it reads, Bloody Hell We’re Buggered Now.


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