The List

I’ve just looked over my 2010 List…

I didn’t accomplish much of any of it. Sadly enough. I mean, yeah, there are a few things I crossed right off and that’s an accomplishment, but for the most part this is a list of plans I really wanted to do and got waylaid or just flat out didn’t do it.

For the writing project I’m starting with Julie, I’ve been going through older posts and reading. Do you who write ever do that? Go back and read your older entries? I would suggest doing so. Sometimes I think, damn I’m funny! David Sedaris and I could storm the world. Sometimes I think, woof. That girl was in a funk. Sometimes I think, I’m so glad I wrote about that night…seems like yesterday! It’s nice to look back.

In that spirit, I’m not going to get all gloomy schmoomy about what DIDN’T get accomplished. I’ll mark the stuff that did…and we shall move on. A few things, to my credit, are being accomplished within the next few weeks or are in progress so that’s cool.

1) write. I want to finish a writing project and perhaps look into publishing. in progress
2) get back onstage more than once. didn’t happen. no time due to second job.
3) work on stand up comedy again. am blocked in this arena.
4) change my eating habits towards more organic and clean living. started the year off with a vengence and have slowly lost it. but am better this time this year, than I was this time last year.
5) find out about more farmers markets/locally grown foods to purchase. I have done this! not as much as I wanted, but again, more than I did last year.
6) move my body either at the gym or in some other physical fitness fashion. ebb and flow. I’m stalled with it right now.
7) work on finances…savings, nipping and cutting back. this year has been a beast on my finances. but like Shirley McClain sang in Postcards…I’m Still Here. I’ve also been looking into the Dave Ramsey thing for the new year.
8) pay off computer debt. paid off about 500, the rest to be paid with my tax refund in March.
9) work on replacing windows at the homestead. God. Wouldn’t that just be nice? I still have hope for the tax refund this year. Spencer just had Lowe’s install his, he has something like 19 windows in his house and did it for about 4 or 5000. I only have 8. It should be freaking do-able, right?
10) get my car in for some updates and tuning. Have kept up with the oil changes and tire rotation. Need to still get tune up.
11) check into getting new tires for the car. Got four new ones. Granted by BonusDad and Mom. Many thanks.
12) get to the eye doctor. Done. New glasses and new contact supply.
13) get to the dentist, REGULARLY! yeah. that didn’t happen either.
14) Organization in my house…drawers, closets, kitchen cabinets, all of it. not really. Mandrea kicked the kitchen into shape and I’m still trying.
15) get my birth certificate so that I can GOT IT!
16) get my passport. DONT GOT IT.
17) play the lottery, (cant win if ya dont play!) sporadic.
18) work on paying off credit card debt. perhaps a consolidation loan? Nope. Barely keeping up on the minimum payments. But the Dave Ramsey thing looks doable, and not at all overwhelming.
19) plan something smashing to celebrate turning 40! Thanks to my friends this was accomplished with aplomb. It was a brilliant turning to a new decade.
20) have a date with a man. I had two.
21) perhaps more than one. see above
22) see more live theatre. Yup. Done well with this.
23) re-build my clientele at work. I feel better about this now than I did last year. Most of my people have moved with me, and I’m working on a beginning of year referral program/incentive.
24) think about other avenues of income. I worked at Festivities practically every weekend from April thru September. This year may bring wedding co-ordinating duties should I say yes. It’s a good thing.
25) think about where I want to be in the next five years. I didn’t do this once. It was enough just keeping my head above water this year.
26) work on some form of healthcare for myself I didn’t do this either.
27) read through the books we’ve all got tagged over at goodreads I read a bunch of stuff this year, AND got my NookCOLOR which I love. but Goodreads has just become something I don’t even pay attention to anymore.
28) remember that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS…THINK GOOD THOUGHTS. I do my best to do this daily.
29) wear my mouthguard nightly-not nightly but I was mindful to wear it during stressfull sleep deprived spells.
30) love louder, larger, longer. I try.
31) take some mini vaca’s with friends this summer-River Trip 2010 will go down in emphamy. NYC for my 40th was brilliant. but that’s all I did.
32) attend BlogHer in NYC with Cindy-this makes me almost cry to read. didn’t happen.
33) go to eat at the Guatamalen place with the oatmeal-nope
34) go to Whole Foods in Tx and bring back FROAST-nope. but we have Froast in OKC now so that’s cool and we have a WF enroute as well.
35) see my nephews more often-it’s never enough.
36) go snow tubeing at the ballpark next December-this still could happen
37) rearrange my office/library so that it is organized and does not give me hives-i have ideas but no, still with the hives.
38) all cats to the vet-i think this happened earlier in the year.
39) plant some things this spring…herbs, veggies, flowers-some things? I planted a whole garden. and flowers. next year there’s good plans for more.
40) look into a retirement account-nope
41) get the instructions off of Ebay for my bow maker-nope. and i wanted to do this so i could make bows for Christmas.
42) be a better friend at remembering birthdays-if it weren’t for Facebook, I would know nothing.
43) watch the ENTIRE series of Battlestar Galactica so that I may earn the right to say Frack-much to Chris’s chagrin. nope. I can’t believe he’s still talking to me.
44) decorate for the holidays-YES! YES! YES! last year I was so sad. This year, I refuse to be. We are thoroughly decorated at Brokedown Palace. And we’re loving it!
45) take down shelves in garage and re-organize-nope
46) Raise the roof on a new Gazebo-nope. this makes me sad too.
47) learn how to use this computer to it’s fullest-nope.
48) SKYPE with my friends who live away from me-nope
49) work on the all-class-reunion in Batshitcrazytown-nope
50) donate more-yes. i have done this. but not as much as I would have liked to!
51) watch Entourage series-nope
53) think about eHarmony-I did it. pffffffffft.
54) deep clean the house-in progress
55) watch vidal sassoon dvd’s and refresh my skills-some. not enough.
56) focus on the positive-much better at this the last half of the year.
57) get drapes for my bedroom-nope. but word on the street is that Mom’s doing this for my Christmas.
58) clean filter in my a/c-heater-yup.
59) take a risk a month? (every other month? every week?)-seriously just getting out of bed and getting the mail was risk enough most days.
60) read more blogs-not regularly
61) revamp this blog-yes!
62) participate in NaNoWriMo this year (SHIT!!!)-never gave it asecond thought after i wrote this
63) work on my personal style…polish that up a bit-ha.
64) begin my day with prayer/meditation-sometimes.
65) see some live music this summer-saw Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum as well as Sugarland!
66) play bracketology during March Madness-i did. it was fun. i love it.
67) celebrate owning my home for two years on March 17th-every month is a success.
68) forgive-…
69) forgive-…
70) forgive-yeah. i think i made some progress.
71) see Flaming Lips on NYE –cant wait!
72) eat at 105 degrees-nope
73) visit Dion in Chicago-nope and it kills me.
74) visit Carus in Vegas-nope and it kills me
75) host more parties-some. not many.
76) go see the new Sex and the City movie at midnight opening-we DID do this.
77) keep healthy foods in my house-i’m eating rasin bran right now.
78) frame the family photos we took two years ago-not even close.
79) clean out the little building -kind of organized it! better than before.
80) attend the Halloween Parade and host Smores & Whores 3-no parade. was too exhausted. but we did do Smores & Whores. we were all hungover I think.
81) go to a local fish market and eat fresh fish-nope.
82) be a better family member-doubtful
83) keep my feet in good shape-kind of
84) drink the water-yes
85) add to this list-never happened.

SO. There’s that. It was fine. Vague in parts. Ambitious in parts. I think I’ll work on a list of things I DID accomplish this year as a bookend post…anyways. How has your year been? Reaching the end of it, it’s the time when I start taking stock, thinking ahead, making plans, dreams, wishes…do you?

Happy Day. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “The List

  1. #12 & #13, we flip flopped. I did the dentist but not the eyes!
    #14, I feel like you put a lot into this one, even if it’s not finished to your satisfaction. You had some setbacks with your previous roomie but his leaving and Mandrea’s arrival put you in a position to do a lot of work on the place.
    #16, but you have the birth cert so this part will be easy.
    #23, Don’t you think that the salon move, while not rebuilding exactly, was a major step toward the success of this item?
    #25, Again, didn’t the salon move count as work toward this goal. Even if you didn’t think about exactly what your 5 year plan is, this seems like you took action toward something you want for yourself in the future.
    #42, but you do have Facebook so you’re covered. Success!
    #68,69,70, you’re my inspiration. You’re so much farther along this road than I.

    I was actually just thinking to myself this morning that I should look at my list but I’m afraid. Can’t be afraid, must just do.


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