Laughing is my Favorite.

Gathered last night with my Gal Pals, Martha, Nancy, Karen, Barb and Carolyn. We are a motley crew, with me being the newest member of this group who’ve been friends for a lifetime. I’m the youngest of the group by anywhere from 10-20 years, though it makes not a bit of difference to anyone. Age schmage.

Life gets busy. We all know it. But this week we, at the spur of the moment, decided to gather for a little drink, a little nosh, a little laugh. Who the hell knew we’d laugh SO MUCH!!!

We talked of handbags,and Ludivine and automatic cork screws, and being overserved, and Hot N Ready Pizza and multiple weddings and children and working and poor choices and Carls Nuts and blindness and Christmas Music and oh my God I haven’t laughed this hard since…

well. that’s too long.

Seriously. It was solid crazy laughter for three hours.

Today, as I awoke with the kitties snuggled in because it’s soooo cold outside it’s hot, and I was immediately warmed by the knowledge that I have these women in my life. I am so grateful for them. They have given me more than I can ever give back…in time and tears, in support and furniture, in counseling and in cocktails…They are equal parts Shaman/Prophet/Guardian Angel/Devil on my Shoulder Who Only Wants One Cosmo.

Once again, I’m reminded that I have more love in my life than most marriages see in multiple lifetimes.

Happy Sunday.

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