Brrrrrrr Rabbit!

It’s cold here. It’s so cold it’s hot kind of cold. Thankfully the wind isn’t beating us but still. Brrrrrr. We’ve cranked up the heat a little here which in turn makes it so freaking dry in the house that we’re all dying. I’ve kept a pot of boiling water going on the stove this weekend and that has helped. I’m fighting allergy cum cold cum coughing fit kind of gunk so I’ve had the ACF going and the Vitamin C and the Vicks on my feet with the wool socks made with love from my friend in New Hampshire. I’ve been on the couch sleeping most of the afternoon and made myself a good dinner of roasted veggies and Froast! Hot cider. It’s all good.

I’ve got one week to get my sis’s present in the mail or I have to wrap up an IOU. Dangit. I’m annoyed by that but who knows. We’re doing family/step family/bonusmom exchanges this weekend and I’m so excited to see everyone and to give the gifts!!! I love it!

Our salon Christmas party was last night. It was weird not going to the Duncan Brothers party. Mandrea invited everyone over to preparty before they went and it was awkward and somewhat painful but I said Hi and left to go pick up my new friends and we had a good time full of laughing and it was just fine.

This is about all I have to report. The weeks are blazing fast, only 12 days till Christmas. Can you believe it? I’m enjoying the season so much this year. It feels good to feel good.

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