Ready Set Go!

My teensy weensy week starts today. . . and I’m booked solid from 10 till 7 or 8 today and tomorrow and Thursday morning is booked with openings in the afternoon. I’m happy happy for the clients and the work! Equally excited for the social engagements this week. Tonight my friend Kris and I are ushering at CityRep in order to see Santaland Diaries for free. (hey. they need volunteers. I need to not spend money) Tomorrow is Trivia with my guys (we’ve won three weeks in a row! woot woot!) and Thursday is Christmas Adam (honk honk) with my PseudoSisters et. al.

I’ve got a few things to do before heading to the family for Christmas, supplies to pick up, whatnots to gather, packing and planning. I’m ready for some time off. I’m excited to see the boys open their presents and get excited.

I went to the movies yesterday, saw The Fighter. HIGHLY recommend it! GO!!!! There are several coming out this week that I want to see, and I still haven’t seen Harry Potter. I love holiday movie watching. I watched Toy Story 3 last night…holyhell. It was rough. But good.

What else? I’m still gathering info on the debt classes. I’m thinking I probably won’t do the weekly classes but just read the books and follow those. . . at this point that is what I’m thinking, anyway.

Ok, have a fabulous day! This is me getting ready to go bang some hair. Peaceout.

5 thoughts on “Ready Set Go!

  1. You know, listening to Dave Ramsey, I have to say he’s got a lot of really good points and ideas, but man, he’s also a bit full of shit. He makes me want to get out of debt so I’ll have enough money to hire a clown to follow him around town and kick him in the crotch. Still, good book.


  2. I’ve yet to get any of his books, though I’m still planning on it.
    TS3…sheesh. yes. both of those parts that you mentioned. Killer.


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