How was your New Years? Did you ring it in, right and proper? I was surrounded by friends all weekend with food and laughter and drink and revelry. I slept all day yesterday because of the level of revelry, but that was just fine with me. Today was major productive, laundry, clean sheets, mopped and vacuumed. Oh, and I went back to Weight Watchers. Yup.

That was painful.

Jewels is my best friend at the salon, and she and I are going together. We got all of our information and packets and calculator (because the program is new and there is no more slide tracker). We went to lunch and made our lists and then hit Sam’s and bought tons of fresh fruits and veggies then went home and split them between us. Major affordable that way. I’ve got the 0 Point Soup on the stove and am reading through my material tonight. Weigh in was astonishingly painful. But. Well. It is what it is. And after today, it won’t be that again. I’m in charge. I choose. . . and I’ve been choosing to let IT rule ME. No more of that bullshit. No. More. So, this journey begins…again. Time for me to take back control over this and get on with having fun in life!

So that’s what I’m doing. I need to take down the tree, and it’s the last bit of Christmas that is still up. Tomorrow. I’m already ready to veg it out on the couch tonight…like just dont want to do anything but finish the laundry and gear up for tomorrow.

I hope your new year has started on the right foot, that you’re clipping along feeling positive and love. Giddyup!!!

I’d like to ask for some prayers and good healing energy to be sent to my dear best M’Lynn. She lost her mother yesterday and is dealing with that process this week. So let’s all send some grace her way, ok?

4 thoughts on “Fresh

  1. Wonderful New Year’s Day! It certainly made up for the horridness of NYE!! I’m all in on the bandwagon to better, healthy living. Pseudo Sis 3, or in my case…my youngest sister is my model to follow!! They PS girls and the PS brother-in-law are in it to WYNN it…I crack myself up!!


  2. Yeah. Me too. Day 3 of Gluten-free, Dairy-free. Except for some sneaky dairy bits, but am doing well.
    Scared of the scale. Very.


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