A Few Things…

Big Birthday SHOUTOUTS to Kizz and LT who each turned another year more delicious yesterday…I celebrated Kizz’s day by being exquisitly lazy, and putting my new bedroom furniture in my room and soaking up kitty love and tv. Tomorrow we gather for dinner to celebrate LT.

Girls…I love you. I’m so glad you were born and that our paths crossed on this funkadelio ride that we’re on!

My birthday posts are some of my favorite things. But Life has become more and more crazy and I find that I’ve forgotten some people or it’s a late post…I hate that. They may not be as extravagant as last year, but SHOUTOUTS for everyone…This year I hope to do better…to be better on the line and in the life

Nothing Says I Love You More Than A Little Kids Hiney

Today I lost the equivilent of this pork sirloin at weigh in today.

4.2 Pounds

I’m happy.

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