A Few New Things

So. I got another job today. A new job that will give me a little extra $ this month!

It’s part time, should last (as long as we squeeze it for) about a month or maybe a little more than that. I’m working with one of my Best Gal Pals–wait wait. I’ll back up.

Friday night we all gathered because Martha’s mother had passed away earlier in the week. We gathered to toast the passing of our friend’s mother and to just have some face to face time and in that gathering Caro was talking about how busy and backlogged she was at work and I piped up, “Why don’t ya’ll just hire me to help out?”

so they did.

My schedule banging hair is sooooo slow this month, (it’s a rough time of year for hair bangers) so I’ve got this to fill in! Yay!!! I was overwhelmed today, but  I put in almost 3 hours and have a little of the lingo and verbage under my belt. The oil and gas business has a nice long history in this state, and Caro has been in said business for 30 some odd years. All my Gal Pals are in this business, btw. So it’s cool. I’m excited. I’m back in an office for the first time in…well…20 years maybe? I like it. The extra $ will go right into my get out of debt this year plan and hopefully this experience will help me help her on future projects!

Now. I have to go to bed because I have to negotiate shower and getting ready times with the roomie, which is new to our household, and I have to be IN the office by 9am. (this also hasn’t happened in awhile so I’m outta practice!) I’m going to prep my coffee and my tomorrow’s food. I have to be pretty strict foodwise because we celebrated LT’s bday tonight at a new restaurant and there were many a flex points eaten and drank this evening. But it was fabulous.

What a day, huh?

3 thoughts on “A Few New Things

  1. I must be psychic…made that fb comment earlier and hadn’t even read this. so, no wonder you sounded like a landman. 🙂 I dub thee quasi-landbabe….and it was so. welcome to the club!


  2. The routine of getting everything together the night before is my life line. There are no exceptions or breaks. Yay for the “extra” monies. Remember to rest in between all that.


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