Busy. Working.

I’m just working. Job 1 at the salon. Job 2 at the office. I’m going to the theatre tonight and to see George Strait and Reba tomorrow night to celebrate Pseudo Sis 3’s birthday! Sunday will be spent working at the office. Monday is weigh in, Goldwell color class, then more working at the office.
you get the picture.

i don’t have much to say or report other than…busy. working.
Happy Friday Yall!

oh! Golden Globes Sunday night! wheeeeeee

3 thoughts on “Busy. Working.

  1. I’m so excited for your new job. See there, everything is coming together in HIS plan. Wisdom tooth out about an hour ago. drugged now but home ALONE. Love it. It is so quiet here it’s amazing! Congrats on the new job. You are on the road to financial freedom….I can feel it. Love ya, sisser


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