You Know It’s A Great Party When…

It’s 8:21 pm. Sunday night. I slept until 11 today, after waking up on the couch at some point this morning! Roomie’s out of town so i just….flopped.

I’m still tired, but did force myself to clean and vacuum and do laundry. Forced myself out of the house to the grocery store to re-stock supplies and prep food for the week.

I’ve been on the couch ever since and kids? I’m still tired.

George and Reba rocked our faces off. Maggie had a great birthday, we all had fun getting to be together. I really do love this group of people. I really really do.

I’ve been enjoying the Golden Globes and dreading weigh in tomorrow…just didn’t feel like a really good week but oh well. Also, that garlic cheese bread (idontknowwhyiboughtit) that I ate with my spaghetti tonight was 15 points worth. but sheesh. it was sooo good.

that’s all I got. I’m still in recovery mode.
Tomorrow is weigh in, color class, then i’m going to job 2 for a few hours….then we begin again! This week holds some fun stuff. stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “You Know It’s A Great Party When…

  1. and ps- my nutrition tracking for Sunday, was a train wreck, sometimes it’s just gotta give. Back in the saddle again…


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