Woah Horsey…and Back In The Saddle.

Turns out I didn’t go work job 2 today…finished color class after weigh in, ran a few errands. Weigh in wasn’t a failure, but it wasn’t supurb. Down .6–which seriously, a loss is a loss and since I didn’t have my vegetable soup last week AND I was running low on food stuffs…I’ll take it. Plus celebrating Maggie’s birthday and too much bread last night during the Golden Globes…I was kind of a wreck.

I have supplies.

My soup is on the stove bubbling right now.

I’m taking the rest of the day to…just rest. Roommate returns in about an hour or so, she’s been in LA this weekend.¬† So I’m settling on the couch with Kikimama for the next few.

Hope you’re having a great MLK day. Peace.

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