Friends Were Born This Day

What a great day in the Universe…Scotty Ringo and Cindy both celebrating the day of their births. I am SO thankful that they were born and that they’re in my life. I’m a much better person for knowing both of them.

Cindy is our resident seeker. Always seeking new things, new ways to learn, to think, to live. She is yogi bendy and flexable, yet militant in her beliefs and in her friendships…towering strength and giving encouragement and love at the blink of an eye. She really is the perfect example of someone who says they’re going to do something, and then DOES IT. . . I say I’m going to do something and maybe when the sentence is halfway out of my mouth, I’ve already quit…and she makes me feel really good about that choice! She is a sister of my soul, a friend for life and a hero in mine eyes.

Happy Birthday, Cindy!

I love you!

P.S. when you google "elephant love" this isn't the first image to pop up.

Scotty Ringo is a year wiser today as well!
I try to imagine a life where I didn’t know Ringo…and for me it just doesn’t exist. He is the brother I always kind of wanted. (look. I never wanted a brother. Boys were always mean to me. and Ringo was probably a little shit eater when growing up so I’m just being honest…we would have boxed.) But quasi-grownup-Misti always wanted a brother and Ringo? Welp. He fits the bill.

While we differ on many a subject, we come together in unity on such things as our love for Dick Winters and Easy Company, Michigan football a little salt in our beer and Jersey Shore. He laughs at my jokes and grills one helluva steak AND even will clean the kitchen while Becky and I sing every song in her iPod. (true story)

In a perfect world, I would marry his twin brother (also a little shit eater I’m sure) (he doesn’t have one btw) and we would be next door neighbors and have rousing parties and be crazy sideline parents at sporting events. But it doesn’t matter about perfect worlds because in this one…we’re already family.

Ringo? I love ya man.
Roll Tide.

6 thoughts on “Friends Were Born This Day

  1. If there were ever more perfect words put together… I must have not read them yet. Well done Kae!
    Happy Birthday Cindy!
    Happy Birthday Ringo!


  2. Happy Birthday Cindy – you are a rockstar! It is always a pleasure to get to hang out with you.

    And anyone who gets a bday Roll Tide commerical is a hellova guy!! ROLL TIDE


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