Flop a doodle doo.

I just woke up from a 12 hour sleep. Seriously. It’s like I’m 16 and have mono again. . . but I don’t. I’m not sick. Just really tired.

It was a really great week, with several social events including sushi and a viewing of The Color Purple with Mindi, Trisha and her girls and Audra. We had a blast, even though we were up in the mezzanine with the entire Concho tribe who were apparently all getting over the black lung. It was the epitome of bad theatre manners and by the last song, when I was working myself up into a really emotional good cry, I almost snapped and threw a few people overboard. But we laughed it off, and Mindi had her first ever experience with the story and we had a great girls night.

Thursday was a day that I don’t really even remember other than Sammy was sick, we had to go to the vet, I worked at the salon in the afternoon/evening and I wanted to just come home and have a glass of wine and a zanax for dinner. I didn’t have the wine. I did make myself some roasted vegetables and was in bed by 9 and slept for 11 hours. Just zonked out.

Friday saw me back in front of Audra and along with Steve and Alex turned into an impromptu night of fun and laughing. I’m so blessed with these people in my life. Seriously.

Last night we properly celebrated Cindy into her new year with Mediterranian food, hookah smoking (i didn’t partake but it smelled good! like blueberry!) then we had some of Audra’s cake which turned out to literally be the icing on the day. It was delicious, and strawberry and cream cheese and brought tears of joy to the birthday girl’s eyes. I was home by 8 and though it was a Saturday night? I was dead asleep by about 8:30. My roomie came home at 10:30 and was confused because my door was open, my car was here but I was hidden under the covers and apparently just dead to the world not even moving. I never heard her come home.


I know the two jobs are a lot, but they really aren’t…not really. It’s working out beautifully, I do feel like I’m helping at the office and I’m still getting my clients in and seeing them. I think it’s just using another side of my brain, switching back and forth that’s making me so tired. That and knowing my time off is at a minimum so the pressure to GET THINGS DONE is high. That kind of makes me tired…but hells bells. I just woke up and feel really great so I’m going to get some more coffee, have a little nosh, run some errands and then treat myself to a movie. Seeing The King’s Speech (FINALLY) this afternoon! Wahooo!!!

how was your week? is anyone else just sleep sleep sleeping like this? is it a winter time hibernation thing do you think?

2 thoughts on “Flop a doodle doo.

  1. I am voting that it’s a combination of Winter Is A Bitch and the new schedule. Just having a new routine, new places to go and get to takes it out of you. You’ll get in the swing of it…just in time for it to change.

    I would have slept all weekend long if I could. But I couldn’t so I didn’t.


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