I Saw…

These two movies today.

The King’s Speech.
Man, it was good. A little slower than I thought it’d be. Dry. But the moments with Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth were priceless. Colin was stellar, well they both were, really.

It's an amazing story of strength and courage

Colin. Oh Colin. Need I say more?

Just another reason why I love the British

After that was over, I said goodbye to my friends and headed to the ladies room…as I walked out, something came over me and I walked right into the theatre for True Grit and plopped my arse down and had me a double feature!
It’s always so polarizing when someone tackles a CLASSIC movie, much less a CLASS JOHN WAYNE movie. I’m not a big John Wayne buff. I don’t dislike his work, but I’ve never sought it out. However, True Grit is the one JW film I have actually watched, and remember really loving. The new film was really just so good. Jeff Bridges…his delivery made me laugh out loud on many a line. I wasnt the only one laughing either. It was a beautiful retelling.

Abide. Rooster Cogburn.

As always, I’m impressed with Matt Damon. That kid with the funny “how’dya like dem apples” line is just good.
I enjoy the long hair and 'stache on this one

how was your Sunday?

4 thoughts on “I Saw…

  1. so glad you had a successful movie day! i loved the performances in true grit but didn’t love the movie. but the kings speech…i thought it was spectacular. i share your love for colin firth and need to seek out more of his films to watch. i know i’ve missed many.

    we didn’t leave the house. laundry was done but blinds and curtains were closed and the dvr was cleaned out! i have a love/hate relationship with these cold winter sundays.

    hope you have a fantastic week!


  2. It was bubble bath, laundry, football, sober texting, a rewatch of Sex and the City Movie, which triggered a “I-hate-Wyoming” cry, and a perseverance prayer.


  3. I loved True Grit and while I am less a fan of Matt Damon, thought he was great and definitely his best work ever. I would like to see him used more in this vein.
    I’m waiting until next month to watch King’s Speech with Chris. I love Colin. He can do no wrong. He’s Darcy, for gosh sakes.
    I finally saw The Social Network this weekend. Good movie? Sure. Best picture? I don’t think so.


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