Crazy: Party Of More Than One

Who else is crazy this week?
The emotions. The anxiety. The change. The urgency. The tears. The eating. The ups and the downs…

fracken frack???

pipes are freezing. sewers are busting. ex husbands are just fucking PRESENT. jobs are slow. friends are backstabbing. friends are moving. boyfriends aren’t truthful. boyfriends aren’t really boyfriends. change is needed. change is scary. and there’s so much powder out in my front yard, all we need is Charlie Sheen and a couple of hookers.

Is it the weather? Is it the time of year? Are you just hanging on? I know several of my people are gearing up for trips, both big and little. Some of us have started new jobs, which is fantastic. Many of us are forging a path into good health and let’s be honest, skinny bodies which, lets be honest we hope will lead to some touching, if not loving at some point. Some of us are embarking on new adventures, getting married, moving into a whole new shiny Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s infested world. Some of us are in sunny parts of the world, blowing out flip flops. So it’s not ALL bad…but jeez louise.

I just need to get a grip. I want some better weather, which we are getting. In fact we are hitting 44 today and steadily rising each day until we hit mid 70’s next week! I am betting people will be running naked in the streets on that day.

It’s Friday, ya’ll. I have plans with friends all weekend. I’m excited about that. I didn’t make it to the gym but twice this week, and am trying not to feel too badly about that. I’m heading into the salon today with great clients all day, yet i have only one 10 minute appointment tomorrow. Sigh.

The instability of the salon job is wearing me to the bone. I’m opening my mind to perhaps look for other avenues of steady income.

there. I said it.

and with that, I bid you peace out. Ima go bang some hair.

4 thoughts on “Crazy: Party Of More Than One

  1. well, I think you prolly have about the same amount of o/g experience as some of the people I’m working with up here…hmmm. Misti, the Wyoming Landbabe has a nice ring to it. means to an end, sister.


  2. “The emotions. The anxiety. The change. The urgency. The tears. The eating. The ups and the downs… what.the.fracken frack???”. = me this week

    Hence, no posts from this DSW. Tryin’ not feel guilty about that TOO


    I blame February….


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