Happy Valentine’s Day

Oh the Facebook news feed is chock full of love and snuggles and wuvvy dovey messages and pictures. I’m not unable to be joyful for my friends who are loving today. Love Love Love.
But really? I’m just thinking about weigh in and will I see a loss after the weekend and what a beautiful day in the 60’s today and what do I need to do and am I going to make it into Job 2 today and can I get my car washed before it gets the Michigan Cancer…That’s what I’m thinking about.

Went to the theatre to see Sixteen Candles on the big screen last night with PseudoSis 3. We both handed each other burned cd’s for VDay presents! Ha! so alike! It was awesome to see it on the big screen…Jake Ryan. He doesn’t have a whole lot of dialogue in this picture, but man oh man. I think he was my George Clooney before George Clooney.

So. In honor of love, of Jake Ryan, and of this beautiful gorgeous Monday…Here’s a lil sumpin sumpin.

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