Celebrate people! It’s Friday for the Normals! (means nothing to me really other than Saturday is close but I still celebrate!) The world is beautiful outside! Kizz is aaaaaaaaaalllllllmmmmmmooooossssssstttttt to China after flying for eleventybillion hours. I’m booked at the salon today, bangin hair, making people feel good!

Finally got some good sleep last night, it was 80 degrees yesterday and just warm enough in the house to turn on the ceiling fan, woo hoo. That’s just perfect.

Tonight and this weekend’s plans are loose. I know I’ll workout tonight. Might go to opening night of a play, may just come home and veg. I bought my onion sets yesterday! I’m so excited! Dork, I know. I also am going to put in some radish, spinach, more brussel sprouts. We’ll see what comes up. The last time I did onions, we had a hail storm that destroyed EVERYTHING. Gah. Such is the way of the Oklahoma Gardener. It will feel good to get outside and work in the yard, get my hands in the dirt.

I’ve discovered some hysterical video on the Youtube. Please. Do yourself a favor. Watch this and have a laugh.

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