Sniff Sniff BOOM

Welp, this loverly weather we’ve been blessed with,71 yesterday that went away with 40 degree and winds this morning, has wrecked havoc with my sinus/allergy issues. GROSS.

I started with the ear itchy, sniff sniff drippy yesterday during a performance of High School Musical. (sidebar, I went down to watch Trisha’s youngest in her first trip to the boards. She was a Braniac in HSM. and was just fabulous! also, Trish and I had ourselves a little moment of painful longing for the kid singing the lead. It was all I could do to not leap onstage and finish singing with him…sheesh)

The itchy ear, scratchy throat, sneezy sneezy sneezy. Seriously. I took about 96 hours worth of 24hour Claritin yesterday. Also found some sinus meds. Woke up about 3 am and did the Neti Pot which did help. I have to say, this sucks. Just a general level of miserable. It does explain why I was in bed before 9pm both Friday and Saturday nights. Just sooo tired.

Tried a new church with my friend Julie yesterday. It was a flop. Totally dry and I almost fell asleep…however, we will keep looking for a place that we like. It was a start…

BIG SHOUTOUT TO Noodle, daughter of Gert, who has been cast in OUR TOWN. The community theatre in our hometown is back up and running and that kid is going to be in the premiere production! I am SO proud. So so so proud. I can’t wait to see her onstage!!!

ok kids. Happy President’s Day. Peaceout.

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