Snot and Wedding Dresses..

Diana’s wedding dress is on the Today show this morning…all these years later, and I’m a puddle. There are very few of you still in my life that understand my love of her…

Where does it come from??? JEEZlouise. Woke up in the middle of the night too hot, coughing, no breathing…Mucinex. Neti Pot. OH YEAH, did I tell you? the 90million hours of 24 hour claritin that I was taking??? expired in 09. GAH. So at my weekly fruit buying trip to Sams, I picked up some Zyrtec. Lot’s of water, liquids, 1 Point Progresso chicken soup.

I don’t FEEL bad, per se, but I can feel my system being dragged down a titch. If I was in worse shape, I’d be bedridden for a few days, for sure.

As it was, I got a lot done. weighed in, lost 2lbs, headed to Sams for my weekly fruit supply and some new meds, went to KoKo to get my workout in, then home and I didn’t move until this morning. I’m feeling better today. So much snot. Seriously, what the hell??? gross. I’m going to Job 2 then banging some hair tonight then working out. Focused. Ready. Attack.

Sidenote…My best good friend Trish, who seriously, if we’d been this close during high school..we’d have been in Truh-uh-uh-ble. Welp, we’re live music lovers. She’s got more lined up for herself than I do, but we are seeing Wilco in May, we’re giving SERIOUS thought to going to Wakarusa this June. What is that you ask? It’s a three or four day music festival. We will be camping. (I will be borrowing my sister’s equipment as I turned in my camping badge years ago, however it’s in my dna. I’m not scared) and seeing eleventy million bands. Go here and look!

Her husband is deployed right now, so we’re just kind of feeling him out, seeing if he’s game. I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, there’s a cat under my house caterwauling. I don’t know if Stormy has someone cornered down there in his kill room, or if it’s just a mouthy beast. Whatever, I want it OUT so that I can put the vent back on. It sounds like something out of a Disney movie down there. a DARK Disney movie.

Have a great day, ya’ll. I’m hitting the showers and heading to the office!

3 thoughts on “Snot and Wedding Dresses..

  1. This is what I don’t get…isn’t camping sorta like living on the prairie? do you bathe in the river? or do you just stay drunk enough that you don’t care?


  2. Holler if you go to WakaWaka! I’m down to join! I’d love to show you my hippy ways…. Ha 😉

    PS: Love that you compared your loss to a Yorkie! I’m tryin’ to lose a Beatrice (shih tzu)!


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