Here’s what’s happening here.

Snot. Sinus. Lack of mobility in the neck area. Not great sleep, but better than previous weeks.

Whatever the frack tree pollen is in the air, hopefully the great rains we had today washed it away. I do feel better. I’ve been to see Mc Cracken twice and he wants to see me once this weekend. I love that I’ve known my chiropractor since I was a sophomore in high school. He also treated my sinus stuff. I have suppliments and the neti pot. Did I tell you that my claritin was expired? I have new zyrtec so it’s all good. I got a massage from my therapist at work and holy hell, by tomorrow? I will be good as new!

Through it all, I’ve managed to get a workout done three out of the four days, and plan on hitting it tomorrow morning. The loss on Monday was so inspiring, I just want more. I’ve got several things on the calendar this year, something fun each month starting in April, and I just want to feel cute, and feel GOOD! woohooo.

what else? fracken weather. low of 28 tonight and brrrrrrr.

It’s a big weekend. Lynn is coming home, and we’ve got plans. Also, Chris and Cindy’s final feast is Saturday. We’ll send them off with laughter and sushi. That’s good, right? right.

jeez. this weeks Parenthood is killing me.

ok. I’m officially boring. peaceout

2 thoughts on “Here’s what’s happening here.

  1. you are only weekday boring so you can be weekend fabulousness! TGIF!! and, just so you know…checked in online. boarding pass in hand. roads are snowy, but not impassable. so, off I go! mother is, of course, worried. pshaw…just a little snow. 🙂


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