Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

Friday ended the week with a wonky twist. I was pretty much sideways for awhile, and then really disappointed because plans got cancelled…But the weekend has steadily improved!

It was a busier week at the salon, which meant time at Job 2 was minimal. Turns out this was the week that the Big Wig was in town, and my lack of presence was known. The comment was made, that “we may need someone who can work more hours”. Of course, I immediatley panicked PANIC!! END OF THE WORLD. NO MORE EXTRA MONEY. DEATH. PESTILENCE. DYING. BLACK NIGHTS….drama queen.

Here’s the thing. My focus, for now, is on my salon business. I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this, and while it’s not the most stable of jobs, and I honestly can’t tell you that I want to retire from doing it, it is my focus. The wedding season is gearing up, I’ve got one shift in March, but it’s going to be a busy busy season. If I can work out a schedule to help in the office, and not hurt my other job, and not drain my own self, I will hopefully continue the work. But I really honestly think they need someone who can do about 20-40 hours a week to help get caught up. And I’m not that girl. I don’t have that kind of extra time. I think that if I give up my Monday’s off, that I will eventually become a very bad human. It seems trivial, but most of you don’t work Saturdays. This would only give me one day. Sunday. And a lot of my bartending shifts are on Sunday. So…we’ll see. We’ll just see. If it works out that I can help, can actually HELP at the office, and it works out? Great! But if not, it’s NOT the end of the world as we know it and I won’t have to sell the house and go live in a homeless shelter. *drama queen*

I’ve been doing a lot of praying. Meditating. Talking to God about what to do with this whole grown up/career/money making thing. I don’t have any answers. But I assure you, I’m searching for one. I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, Lynn’s flight from Wyoming got cancelled due to weather. Which means our night at Mahogony got cancelled. For the second time. DANGIT!!! But she’s back in the 405 and we’ve got fabulous plans for the Oscars tonight! IT”S MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR!!!!! I’ve got two bottles of bubbly chillin in the fridge. I’m super excited!

Last night was spent eating mounds and mounds of sushi, and celebrating Chris and Cindy’s new adventure. There were a few goodbyes, and a few more tears. I will see them before they leave for good. Right now we’re all just super excited to see where they will live, what the details will be, etc. It’s gonna suck big ones when they’re gone, but I had my big fat meltdown when I found out they were moving. I know I’ll cry when they leave, but just because I love them so so much. The Jen’s and I already have plans to trip it in August. Xanadu the musical is playing at a fabulous theatre up there and we’re a going!!!

I’m sippin my hot coffee, watching CBS Sunday Morning. Loving my one day off. Takin’ it easy breezy.

Shout out to my cousin Patrick. Pat. He got engaged to his lovely Toni whilst road trippin in Phuket. I’m the only one that has yet to meet the dear girl, but if she’s willingly leaping into this family tree, with the lot of us nuttier than squirrel poo, then she’s alright by me!

2 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Mornin’

  1. Yes, you all need to come up in August! We’ll do lots of restaurant recon between now and then, so we’ll have some tasty food and drink to commune over.


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