Belated Birthdays

Yesterday was a crazy one. I was up way early to take Lynn to the airport, then work out then hit Job 2 for 8 hours. I ran to pick up a birthday gift then right to the celebrations for Pseudo Sis 2! Alas, no time to post anything here, and you can see by my last entry four days ago.

Alas, Pseudo Sis 2 is another year more fabulous. We gathered for presents and then caravaned to PF Changs for some nosh and fun. We had a few crazy moments, as we always do. Poor Huddy grabbed a crispy green bean and before noshing on that, dipped it in the HOT MUSTARD….ohhhh nooooo! And because we were a big top and of course our waiter had been double sat, so only one person at the table actually had any liquid to help the kid out! Poor Grandma Betty’s water then got knocked over. We were opening splenda packets to put on his tongue. I got some random waiter to get us some milk….crazytimes! But that’s a night with family, and while I’m sad for the kiddo’s pain, I wouldn’t change a thing.

She’s got a busy busy life, that is about to get busier with the season, so when we can find some time together we grab it. I’m looking forward to a Sunday afternoon on a patio with her very soon.

Happy Belated Birthday Maegen I hope this next year brings you more of what you’ve already got…Bliss!

2 thoughts on “Belated Birthdays

  1. Thanks so much for the birthday post, presents, and enjoying the CRAZY yet fun evening. When you have Huddy you never know what you will get good or bad. Nonetheless it’s never short of entertainment. I look forward to some patio time. Thanks again, love you!!


  2. Any outing with the Pseudo Fam is always an adventure! And we are blessed to have you a part of the crazy bunch.

    Happy Birthday Maegen…my very favorite middle sister!


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