Oh My Aching Heart

I just had an amazing experience. I did iChat with Dion who is in Michigan doing a show until June. It was fabulous. We talked for about an hour. We could see each other, hear each other, Oh man Oh MAN. I think you know this about me, but LAWD do I love technology!!!!!

Did my heart good. Was like he was right here, this split apart of mine, right here on my couch. And when I told him of my questions and concerns he answered right back and just knowing that he’s on this path of questions with me? Makes me feel a whole lot better about being home on a Saturday night when everybody is out THERE having fun and being social. Me with my files, billing hours to Job 2…I’m ok with it.

I’m ok with it because I just spent the last hour with my Dion. Laughing and loving and just being together. Even if it is through pixals and waves…I’ll take it.

Beam me up.

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