We have a few things to celebrate and I think it’s fitting, especially after my hormonal downer of a week, to do just that today.

1) KIZZ is HOME from CHINA!!!
Girl has been in the rice paddies for two whole weeks with Queen Bee and Mr. Li. She’s been slurping noodles, and taking eleventybagillion photos, all the while sending updates when she could. Yesterday she, and her luggage, arrived safely home in Brooklyn where she is I am sure, dealing with her animal babies who are both happy to have her home and getting even with her for leaving and an amazing case of jet lag. Home home home. I know she’s hours away from me, but I finally have instant access to her via internet/instant message on the blackberry and THAT makes me very happy. We have a phone date this weekend, after she readjusts and wraps her brain around it and I can’t wait to hear her stories. What a trip.

2.) Chris and Cindy FOUND A HOME in KCMO!!!
They went up this week, to get the lay of the land, and find a home for them and Hooper their animal baby. Finding a rental property that will allow dogs is increasingly difficult so the fact that they found a house so fast, that fits what they need for right now is just a blessing. I don’t have many details other than it’s small, the dog stays, and it’s close to Cindy’s new job. It’s got to be a load of relief for both of them and I say YAY!!! Home Sweet Home!

3.) Audra has moved back into her home this past week. She rented it out when she went down south to culinary school, and finally the woman got out, and she and Joe and Noodle are back in. I think they moved with breakneck speed, and they are juggling Noodle’s play rehearsals, Joes’ job, Audra’s baking business and bartending shifts. Holy hells bells, right? But she’s back. The missing piece to her life is finally in place and all is well. Click your heels three times, right?

4.) Lynn is coming home. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, I’m happy to have her back in the 405. But her job in Wyoming closed up shop, and it was one we were expecting to last for at least a year. So there is some feelings of WTF??? and some uncertainty in this whole thing, however she’s got the right attitude. She has contacts and has a bit of a plan formed. With that she will land right on her feet and not miss a beat…

5.) While I’m writing this, and the theme is becoming very apparent, let’s throw out some good joo joo to Kathy and Jason who are looking for a new home. This is a crazyass process and one that I’ve only done once, but dang, it was stressful. So, here’s to easy looking, and a perfect home on the horizon for them!.

Apparently the common thread is HOME in this post. Something I didn’t realize when I started typing. It’s nice, especially since I’m feeling so disconnected and discontent, to see peace and comfort among those I love. Home. I’m glad for all of you to be where you are, to get to where you’re going, and to have you in my life.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Rejoice…Home.

  1. Home is relative. Our new place is temporary until we can buy, but it’s a cute little place and I mean little. But it’s an address. Our next plan is start getting our friends to move this way.


  2. stuck the landing! wrapped up the job security….finally. so, here I am for the foreseeable future, right back where I belong! And, I get my furbabies back!!!

    Now, we’re gonna teach you to be a landbabe.


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