And so it begins…

It's just for 40 days people..jeez louise

I’m giving up Facebook for Lent.

*cue gasp*

*cue WTF*

*cue guffaw*

*cue disdain*

*cue my middle finger*


Here’s the dealio.

No. I’m not Catholic. But you’re not a stupid group of readers. You know that its not specific to that brand of living to observe this time in the calendar. You know, the five of you that read regularly, that life has been a bit of my snaggled tooth bitch these past few days/weeks/months…and that I’m searching for some peace and some answers.

Lent, is a time of reflection. Be ye a secular or non secular bunch…it’s a time to gather yourself and focus yourself on the upcoming 40 day span, and see what you can see. It has come to my attention that I can’t seen shit because I’m on the Facebook in every moment between moments. It’s a cloudy place, what with all the status updates and check in’s and where and who and what and when…

I’ve got some shit. Some stinky icky blooey gooey shit that I need to figure out. I’m not a happy person down to my bones…right now. This is unusual. It’s not who I truly am, because who I truly am is a happy person down to my bones. SO…for the next forty days I’m going to become less distracted. I shall wean myself off of your every move and scratch and fart. . . and don’t think I’m not interested. Oh hells balls, I’m interested in your farts. I’m interested in EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SAY AND THINK at the VERY MOMENT YOU DO AND SAY AND THINK IT!!!!


that’s a lot of shit to consume.

smack smack smack…tasty. says the fat girl at the buffet.

Lent, for me, is a sacred time. I wasn’t raised to observe it. We First Baptists didn’t do much in the way of tradition or ceremony. We showed up, sang a few stanzas of Just As I Am, passed the plate, listened to some “you people suck and Im #winning” and then headed out to the nearest buffet or home to rip those pantyhose off and pull that slip over our heads and play “someday I’ll be a bride and he will love me and I’ll be skinny and perfect”

As I’ve grown older, and searched and asked my own questions and found my own answers, it has become a time for ME…to reflect and to contemplate and to really commit to the person I want to be, the friend I wish I was and the life I want to live.

So for the next 40 days, I am going to work on that. I want to be better to you. My friends. You…every single one of you are better to me than I ever am to you. I want to be a better sister. Daughter. Co-worker. Co-conspirator.

And I want to be better to me. I need to dislike myself less. Criticize my ass less. Need reassurance and validation less. I need to get back to that bawdy loud quirky bitch that has lived here for so many years!!! Bitch has been eating too many cookies and lost her voice…

we’re working on that.

So. All those facebookers that have come over to hang out…comment. stay. read. This is a really nice place full of sometimes boring “this is what I ate today” posts. But sometimes you get a nugget like THIS THAT YOU CAN READ.

(see, when it’s highlighted, you can click on it and it takes you somewhere else!)I

If you’re observing Lent, I hope you had a fantastic Fat Tuesday. I did. Friends, strong drinks, new people to meet…twas a loverly night. If you are not observing Lent…I hope you had a fabulous Fat Tuesday. Boobs! Beads! Debauchery!

doesn’t really matter what you observe. it’s a great holiday!



4 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. I have read your blog before, Misti, but I must say that particular post was a doozy!! I have had the dr. bizzarro dates but yours tops mine!! I’ll have to follow along more closely here since you’ll be off facebook.

    You are funny, awesome and good to your core, dear. Keep it up and be true to you. You’ll find your way back to what you want and need. Here’s to 40 incredible days!



  2. and here’s to a better next date than the one on the link above! ok….it wasn’t a set up, per se, but it is what I’ve been stirring in the caldron since before Wyoming. So, I might have blown a little pixy dust into the air last night…because the opportunity presented itself, and poof! organic. Patty Sanger’s got nothing on me! squeeeeeee!!


  3. You know, that horrible date story is one of my faves! I remember you telling me about it, and I remember reading it and just laughing (and relating).

    You know, I’m not a Christian/Religious/Jesusy person, and although the time I did (yep, like prison) in the Catholic schools really burned me on “tradition,” Lent was always a time to discuss self-sacrifice for the greater good.

    I wholeheartedly support this Facebook hiatus. It’s an icky place that can steal our souls. I recently read an article that said most people feel worse after reading an acquaintance’s happy news on FB; it’s killing morale.

    Luckily, I don’t keep up with you via FB, and I’m really looking forward to reading MORE blogposts from you.

    Here’s to 40 days of fabulous, decluttered mental-PRESENT.



  4. Holy Hell. I adore you. You are seriously a riot, and I feel you challenging me, when I know you are not, to be a better person. To live life better. Shit, you just make me feel super fuckin’ good. I will miss you on Facebook but appreciate the opportunity to connect with you in other ways. It’s good. All good! See you very soon!! 🙂


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