I woke up this morning, and grabbed my phone to silence the alarm and check for my notifications. Turns out there aren’t any as I’ve deleted the FB app off of my phone.

First day.

Yeah…I’m tweaking a little. But I remind myself that you’re all still out there, that life does go on, that this is my choice and I choose this. My roomie is gearing up for a really hardcore training session this morning. She’s doing the half marathon in May. So, I’m going to go to my gym and put in extra time in support. (well. it’s not really support, but I did get up and kind of do a cheer for her and ply her with vitamin c to combat the ick she is feeling)

Going to Job 2 today. Got some stuff to get done, hours to bill, files to file and some hugs to hand out. The land manager that had been fighting cancer for so long, passed away yesterday. Caro, I’m sure, is just out of her heart with trying to comprehend it. I want to be there for her, in whatever capacity. I don’t have any appointments at this point, in the salon but that could change. I’m going to Ash Wednesday services and then maybe to trivia…

Chris and Cindy are finishing their trek to KCMO today. Sending them all kinds of love and light on their journey. My heart is cracked at their leaving. Not broken really because I know it’s what is right for their lives…just cracked and bleeding a little. I miss them so much already…the part of my mind that is actually wrapped around the fact that their gone.

Wonderboy’s birthday is tomorrow. The family is coming in next weekend…I think it’s next weekend…to celebrate both boy’s birth’s. I miss them all. I can’t wait to see them and just be together.

I will possibly be posting here more these next 40 days, or at least in the beginning, more than my once daily. Bare with me kids. Addiction is a difficult thing. But I know you’ve got my back, cheering me on…as does my boyfriend George Clooney.

He's so good to support my endeavors.

One thought on “Tweaking.

  1. Let it be known that I am not happy about this..supportive, yes..happy, no. All day I wondered where you were. Lol


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