A Day of unRest

It’s been a weekend of unrest. Not just because I’m off and running and working and erranding and clean sheeting and trying to wrap my head around time management as something other than a pipedream.

The Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami. The carnage.

My friends Tara and Lance lost their mother, after one courageous and tenacious battle with cancer, this morning. My heart is breaking for them. And for me. She has been my go-to voice at my insurance agency for as long as I can remember.

Another acquaintence via FB and El Reno, and USAO in a matter of speaking, lost her mother in a tragic murder/suicide this weekend.

I just want to gather all of you up in my arms and just hold you tight. I feel a little edgy, and while the chatter in my brain is decidedly less than it was last week, the voices that are still there are kind of sideways today.

I had a chat with my sister today, about our fractured family and the stresses that brings, and we laughed and look forward to our visit next weekend. Some of you will get to come out to the Frontier and enjoy all of our children and play and I really look forward to that too.

I think today is just going to be a “remember to breath” kind of day. There is no slouch on the couch time, it’s a full day. But it’s cloudy out, overcast really. I’m going to go water the yard, just to insure we’ll get rain later tonight, then head out to BatShitCrazyTown to start wedding season beer slingin!

A little tune for you…for us…inspired by Clemo. On the occasion of a clear memory.

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