I lost point 6 at weigh in today…and damnit, I really expected more. Workouts everyday last week, eating well, within my limits. I did have a big night Friday, but well within all my flex/activity points I’d banked. Or so I thought.
I know things are shifting from the weights and the cardio, I can feel it.
But really. That was just deflating.
Point six.


But it’s a new week. Its a busy week. I’ve got to refocus and move forward.

I’m committing to more cardio. Everyday. I’ll start by adding ten minutes more. I’m going to cook today, get foods ready for the week so that I’m not tempted to snack on bad stuff. I filled the kitchen with fruits yesterday from my Sams trip—wait. Let me tell you this! It’s a piece of good news! Remember last week when I ran over a pair of tweezers and flattened my tire? Welp. I took it to Sams, from where it was purchased, and the guy tried to patch it. Didn’t work. Tweezers, apparently, not only good for plucking up a brow, but plucking up a tire as well. Replacement tire?



Thankyouverymuch. I’ll have that.

Which is good, because the plumber will be here sometime today and ….gah.

So, this week. Cardio. No excuses when it comes to workouts. NO excuses when it comes to food intake.

What are you dealing with this week?

7 thoughts on “Frustrated.

  1. But are you feeling better? And are you losing inches? The scale is just one tool. It’s not the end-all, be-all tool.

    I’m starting my plan today too, which I would love to blog about, if only I had Internet.


  2. Lynn, we’ve got two, count em TWO big grownup tv’s in this house. One of them surely can fix your issue!

    Chris…I’m dying from your lack of internet. Seriously. I think I’m running a fever. Developing a rash. Something.

    But you’re right, and things are better and I’m just going to push through. I’m excited to read about your journey. Please journal it old fashioned like and then go back and publish online. This is going to be really interesting.


  3. luv it…old fashioned like…you remember those pens and papers we were raised on? 🙂 and you’re on, sister for the borrowing of a tv! gah, I gots to gets me some cable.


  4. bless it and do not know where to begin…but PRAISE God I will take a 16.oo tire, if you have to replace a tire, anyday!


  5. Don’t be down – I bet you’ve done this before just like I have and you know you have weeks where you just don’t lose. Stress. Tired. Whatever. You are being good to your body however slow the progress is. Every day I think of you when I work out – if Misti can do it and have her crazy schedule, then I can. You inspire me!


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