A Few Important Details

I really really really need to be up and at the gym right now, but I woke up with a headache from grinding my teeth and dreaming crazy so I may just say…sit. drink coffee. rest. This morning is filled with about three or four clients, and then I will make the journey westward to my hometown. I will gather with friends. And we will go to the funeral of one of our mothers.

Here are a few things that have developed this week.

I have to buy a lawn mower. I’ve had a “loaner” from a friend the past three years. I use “quotes” because every year he’s said, Just Keep It. It’s yours to have. and I would say, “oh noooo, it’s okay” and after three years of that, I said, “OKAY” and thought that was sweet, I have a lawn mower.

This week I get a text from him that said, “hey, do you still have my lawn mower?”

deep breath.

So I’m on the lookout for a mower. I was thinking pawn shops. Just something to get the grass cut until I can save up for a really good one…but I won’t need it for a while…just one more thing on the list.

In Other News:

Last week, I met someone. A guy. An aquaintence of a friend. He was nice, and kind and we talked easily with each other. We went out last week. Spent 3 hours talking and laughing. It was actually, surprisingly, nice. No spark, no za za zu, but I had pretty much wrapped my head around that not being an issue. We went out again last night, to a really nice place for dinner. Well. We didn’t really eat dinner. We had two appetizers. And they were decadant and delicious and I was ok with the points/calories I was eating and drinking until he told me he’s still married to his wife. Seperated but married, nonetheless.

Now. We all know I gave up married men for Lent years ago. All I could think of was, “I blew my weeks worth of points AND missed trivia with my friend last week FOR THIS?????”



I’m annoyed. Disappointed. A little angry. My clenched jaw headache is reminding me. The Voices have started marching in time like a damned band in the Macy’s Parade. Girls all around me date date date. They go from guy to guy like the people bouncing on those red balls on Wipeout.

Boing. Boing. Boing.


I’m not saying he’s not nice, still. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t hang out socially with him with other people. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate his honesty…

I’m saying I don’t go out with married men.

Gah. Gonna just shake it off and move on. My family is coming in this weekend. NCAA Basketball starts tomorrow. Sean Patrick turns 40 tomorrow! It’s a big big week full of big big fun so I’m not going to let this be a blot on it. And really, it’s nothing compared to what my friend Tara is dealing with today. We’re all too damned young to be losing our mothers…so there’s some perspective.

and it’s going to be 75 degrees today.

So. That’s what’s going on over here, how’s your life?

6 thoughts on “A Few Important Details

  1. QUE????? (I’ll be down here picking up my jaw) wtf. well, that sux. cuz, yeah, no married men…of this, I know. note to self: must screen applicants way more carefully. dangitdangitdangit!


  2. My dog is sick and it’s wigging me out. Nothing like a little illness to remind you that you’ve only had the damn mutt a short while and know NOTHING about him. Plus I made my hair super cute and curly this morning, know that drying was useless with this downpour but by the time I navigated the downpour I might as well have done NOTHING with it. My first super cute curly success RUINED.

    But enough about me.

    “I blew a week’s points for this!”
    You are the new Weight Watchers spokeswoman. Nay, HEROINE. Next up you will forgo a lawnmower AND a gym membership and cut your lawn with hair clippers and a very long extension cord for a quadrillion activity points. They will saint you.

    Much love to Tara.


  3. Are you ever going to share what you said to him when he finally disclosed his true marital status. Very generous of him, by the way. What the fuck is wrong with people?! Hugs to you. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends loss.


  4. Oh lordy with the married men! Geez!
    I know what you mean about the friends who date date date. I have them too. I’m still stuck (and I say that with affection cause I actually love the big dumb dope) the same guy I’ve been dating for well over a year. But get this, and maybe you can relate or at least laugh at this one Misti, he’s got some..shall we say…commitment issues. First we were dating and totally crazy about each other and he was the first one to throw out that L word. I was “his perfect woman” and he “loved the hell” out of me. Direct quotes btw. Then he wasn’t in love anymore but still cared very much about me.

    So now here we are a year and half in and we’re kinda friends with benefits but more and yet today he shows up out of the blue just to take me to lunch cause he cares. Did I mentioned he has to drive all the way from south OKC (practically Moore). Does little sweet things like that. But we can’t be serious and we can’t be a couple and we can’t have a “relationship” LOL…OOOOKKKKKAYYY. Men so goofy 😉 No wonder we need a round of drinks!

    Hope you have a helluva weekend to off set the other stuff. Sorry about your friend losing her mom. You’re right…we’re all to young to be losing parents. My dad has been gone 7 years. Hard to believe.


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