Friday Wrap Up

Whew…Wednesday and Thursday are blurry. The funeral was a rough one, for many reasons…but we were there for our friend and hopefully that is something. Trish and I went up to the patio and met Audra and had a cocktail or two and a gab session that made The Witches of Eastwick look tame. It was fantastic. Audra and I, having no time together for what seems like years, continued the party on up until 4am.



I had already taken off work for both jobs yesterday to watch NCAA first day of the tourney, so I spent from about 10:45 till 7:30 at the bar watching ball.

I was asleep before 9pm.

I’m looking forward to today, great clients, some time at Job 2, and Mi Familia are arriving! I’m hoping for a good day weather wise tomorrow because we’re having one of those bouncy things for the birthday party. I think it’s gonna be a great weekend and I’m ready to soak up some family love.

in a side note: the married guy has text me a few times, these overly polite testing the water type of texts, and i’ve replied Thank You both times. Manners, after all shouldn’t go to waste just because someone else is a fuckstick.

I didn’t really say anything to him after he revealed his marital status. I just kind of looked at him and let him finish his story, then excused myself to to go the restroom and when I came back I said I was ready to go and he asked for his check. I have never been more thankful to have listened to my gut feeling and driven myself in my entire life.
I’ve been sporadically annoyed with it the last few days…I mean, how do you talk/text every day for a week, talk of future plans, and not mention that you’re still married. Fuckstick.

In better news:

Yesterday was SP’s 40th birthday! We will properly celebrate him next weekend and launch him into this new decade with karaoke and laughter. It’s not a bad place, this age box.

Happy Friday, ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Friday Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for sharing how you handled it with him. I was really curious. And you are freakishly gracious. Good for you. You can get nose bleeds from those high roads some times but I still say the view is more rewarding. I hope you have a blast with your family! I saw rain in the forecast but hopefully it has changed. I will send sunshine-y vibes your way! Love and hugs!


  2. so…after realizing the big mix up on the party plans yesterday I had this thought…we are lost without you on FB. Can’t wait for your return! You are like the mother hen that keeps us all in check…come back to your chicks mama hen, come back! lol Easter can’t get her soon enough….


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