Junk Drawer

Lot’s of jumbled up bits in my head. I thought I would just purge here, in no particular order.

This past week was a flop in the working out/eating department. I’m not even going to weigh in tomorrow. And don’t get crazy, I’ll be back on the wagon, but I’d rather get some hours and work at Job 2 all day, some of the day, whatever the family situation permits…

I am giving serious thought—and by serious, I mean SOME because before Wednesday, I wasn’t even considering the possibility—of applying to grad school. Get my Masters. Perhaps my Ph.d. English with a focus on British Lit. Find a fabulous little college and teach….I have no idea how to do it. where to look. I have no idea about money, or bills or financial aid. I have no idea if I can sell my house for more than I paid for it. I have no idea about any of it. But…this situation is so very close to when I chose to quit working and move to Chickasha and go to school full time. It was just a phrase uttered by a random girl…and it marinated in my brain…and became. I don’t know if this is anything. If it will become anything. I don’t know if I’m too old to strike out on this adventure, or if I’m able to even begin it. . . But it’s in my brain…and taking up a LOT of space.

My friend Tara, who lost her mother last week? Lost her grandmother today. Seriously.

I didn’t go to church today. I played with my nephews and my friends children all afternoon into the evening with the party culminating with Wonderboy and Wonderbaby outside, howling at that amazing moon with their Aunt Misti. No. Really. We howled at the moon. Wonderboy, did it grudgingly, muttering “you’re not right” under his breath as he walked away. But Wonderbaby? He howled his most tiniest fiercest howl. It rocked. My point, and I do have one, is that I fell asleep on the couch the minute I got home. Frontier dirt still on my feet, I shuffled to the bed shortly after and slept right through the morning. I didn’t hit breakfast with Mom and Burl, but I did catch some tv church and the scripture he was teaching today was this: Matthew 6: 25-34
it’s about worry. and how uneccessary it all is. “therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself”

i needed that today.

Let me just insert how much fun it was to see all of you at the Frontier yesterday. I loved seeing you and your kids, and playing with them, and laughing with all of the chaos…did my heart just loads of good.

I have done laundry, cleaned my room, watered the garden. I’ve watched some eps of Gilmore Girls, and nibbled on pita chips. I’m gorging myself on water, hopefully to flush out all the sodium ingested this past week. I’ve signed up Brokedown Palace for our new recycle program here in the Village. and later, when my sis and b-i-l return from taking Crazy MeMe back to Crazytown, they’re going to come help me load up a car full of STUFF so I can donate it. tv’s. furniture. stuff. I also am going to return my new bedroom tv/dvd combo that has refused to work for a month. We’ll then return to the Frontier, and enjoy one last evening together…all too brief…but Loads Of FUN!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll.

6 thoughts on “Junk Drawer

  1. Chris and I (OK, mostly I) have gotten in the habit of saying Grace before our evening meal. It always stars with ” Dear Whoever” ’cause I don’t put a label on whatever it is in the great big Universe. But it’s nice. I always tag in something about keeping watch over our friends and family. You’re in that list.


  2. Well, of course you’re not too old to go back to school (I can’t believe you’d even think such a thing), but it has to be something you really want to do, and you need to do it for the right reason(s). I think about it from time to time…but I also think about signing up for martial arts classes of some kind.


  3. You never know.
    Gilmore Girls is a great place to start. Always such inspiration from Amy Sherman.
    For Heavens sake on the old… I’ll be dragging you back to school with me when we are 8 hundred and fifty thousand years old.
    I love Wonder baby!
    And that you had such a great time on the Frontier.
    And I love you.


  4. There is no too old. For serious. Just ask my dad. 🙂

    Would you study English or Education? Would you need to study education in order to get the kind of job you’re looking for? It’s a great path. I’m kind of envious and might need to move to OKC and go to school with you. I love English.


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